Tommie made this the perfect ceremony

Tommie was asked at the last moment to officiate my daughter and son-in-law’s wedding. Not only was it last minute, it was also 2 hours away and she had never met the bride and groom. 

We were so impressed with how much time Tommie put into making this the perfect ceremony.  She met with the couple early the day of the wedding, getting to know a little about them. We knew that she wrote this ceremony specifically for them and gave  everyone in attendance a better chance to know the bride and groom as individuals and as the man and wife they were becoming. 

My husband and I were so happy with Tommie and highly recommend her to anyone who would like a personalized wedding, not just the same old words. 

-Lisa Baumgard

    Tommie made it special

We could not have been more pleased with Tommie. She was gracious, genuine and warm. After meeting with us she wrote words for our ceremony which were personal and moving and exactly what we were hoping for. Our wedding ceremony was perfect.

-Jeff Durbin    

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