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My goal is to work closely with every couple and create a memorable, heartfelt experience that celebrates their special relationship. Whether you are interested in a short, sweet ceremony or a ceremony with many considerations, such as interfaith or multicultural ceremonies. I am happy to collaborate with you so that your wedding is as unique as you are.

Ceremony Types

Interfaith Ceremonies

I am happy to create a memorable ceremony for couples coming from different religious backgrounds, incorporating the traditions of both families. Your ceremony should be a day to remember, celebrating the beliefs and values of both faiths.

LGBTQ+ Ceremonies

I am proud to support all couples in marriage. I will happily perform commitment and wedding ceremonies for LGBTQ+ couples in the community. I believe in providing customized ceremonies that are inclusive, flexible, and meaningful. I would love to speak with you about your plans and am happy to offer help and guidance as needed. 


Simple Elopement: If you are planning an elopement or intimate ceremony for a small group of family and friends, I would love to help make your special day easy and stress-free. The I Do elopement package is a standardized ceremony. You determine if the ceremony will be religious or secular and whether you want standard vows or write-your-own. I will meet you the day of your elopement and perform your ceremony.

Custom Elopement: If you prefer, together we can create your perfect ceremony instead of using a standardized script. The process for a custom elopement ceremony is similar to creating a custom ceremony for a full-scale wedding, as in the Wedded Bliss package. We will meet to plan your ceremony, and after I will email you a draft of a custom script, so you have the opportunity to make sure it’s perfect.

Legal License Signing: If you don’t want a ceremony at all and simply need to be legally married, I can help you marry quickly, easily, and discreetly without waiting for a date at the local courthouse. We will schedule the date, time, and location you choose and all you will need to bring is your marriage license. I will ask the required questions, sign your license, and return it to the courthouse. Prices for this service vary by date and location, please contact me for a quote.

Vow Renewals

Vow renewals are a special experience because there are no rules; we can create the exact ceremony you want. This is an opportunity to include your children, pets, friends, and other loved ones. We can create new vows to reflect your marriage over the years, or, if you prefer, we can use the same vows you said on your wedding day. You can choose to exchange new rings, use your original wedding rings, or exchange something altogether different. Let’s make this ceremony all that you want it to be.

Vow Renewal Ceremonies

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